There is magic everywhere,
even in the mundane.

I have always been enchanted by the magic and whimsy shown through stories and an avid reader but as I grew older I started to see the magic not only in books but also in the real world. My art is about conveying this feeling to help comfort people and encourage them to see the world differently, in a more positive light. Often I do this by showing mundane scenes with a touch of magic.

My style is heavily influenced by cartoons and comics from around the world giving it a feeling of innocence, taking people back to their childhoods.
I use a variety of mediums. My first medium was digital painting and I still often turn to it but I am now exploring traditional mediums such as inks, markers and watercolours.

Having studied graphic design and illustration at University I went on to join many online groups focusing on the areas of illustration and concept art. I have worked freelance in games and am now expanding my own art brand through markets and conventions.


I currently live in Sunny Adelaide, Australia with my sister, Kyalie.